more on Dr. Russett

Dr. Russett completed his Dental Degree at the University of Alberta in 2001 and split his time between general dentistry in private practice and teaching as a clinical instructor at the University of Alberta.

In the fall of 2003, Dr. Russett returned to the University of Alberta as a resident to obtain a Specialty Degree in Orthodontics. Currently, Dr. Russett maintains a private practice in orthodontics in Edmonton. In addition, Dr. Russett is a mentor and committee member for ongoing research through the Graduate Orthodontic Program.

To maintain his clinical education and proficiency, Dr. Russett is a member of the Canadian and American Associations of Orthodontics, the Alberta Society of Orthodontists and is a Board member of the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists.

Hike or bike?  No question!  Bike for sure… why would you walk when you can get there fast!

Enjoy a houseboat or speed boat? I would say houseboat.  It seems like it would be a nice time to slow things down and visit with family and friends. 

Watch TV or read a book? Read a book.  I love to read to my boys.

What is your favorite book? My favorite book is the biography of Steven Jobs.  That’s one strange dude!  Brilliant but strange!

Travel by plane, train, or automobile? Can I say bike???

Go canoeing or waterskiing? How about waterskiing behind a canoe!  I might try that this summer!