Orthodontics has undergone several changes in recent years. An exciting alternative to metal and ceramic braces is the Invisalign system which uses a series of clear aligners that are worn during the day and at night to help in moving teeth into the correct alignment/position. Invisalign treatment offers distinct esthetic advantages and is very convenient. The aligners are removed when eating, brushing and flossing.

Invisalign is a series of custom made, nearly undetectable aligners, which straighten your teeth. They are removable, so you can still enjoy your favourite foods and brush and floss with ease. We’re also proud to offer a 3D scanner for our Invisalign patients – no more messy mold impressions. An orthodontic assistant first takes a digital scan of your mouth, then the scan is uploaded digitally and your specific case is reviewed by the Orthodontist all while creating an individual treatment plan for you. The treatment plan and digital scan is then sent to the Invisalign manufacturer where they fabricate your custom aligners. Once the Invisalign custom trays are inserted into the mouth, we book regular appointments for the patient where the progress is monitored and new aligners are delivered.

Dr McKee, Dr Russett and Dr Bharwani have been Invisalign providers for over 10 years and all have completed the Invisalign Masters’ program along with completing the Invisalign Teen provider internship program. They have developed a wealth of information from this training and this has given them a stronger understanding and ability to treatment plan and complete minor and complex malocclusions for their adult and teenage patients. Here at Signature Orthodontics we have accelerated forms of treatment than can be offered to patients dependent on each individual case which helps to reduce treatment time.

We are very confident that Invisalign treatment provides optimal orthodontic care to a wider range of patients than ever before possible.