Dr. Shawn Russett

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Dr. Shawn Russett

Dr. Shawn Russett

Hi and welcome to our office! A bit about my sorted past…. I am a Saskatchewan boy, born and raised in the heart of oil and farming country. I grew up in the very small but pleasant town of Maidstone Saskatchewan. It was a special place to grow up as I still have many childhood friends and have many fond memories of camping, bike riding, and exploring the countryside. I completed my high school in Maidstone and early college studies in Saskatoon. Soon after, I moved to Edmonton and worked in the engineering world for several years before returning to University. In 2001, I completed my Dental Degree at the University of Alberta and subsequently worked for a few years as a general dentist honing my skills. My thirst for dental knowledge continued, so once again, I put my learning hat on and attended the University of Alberta where I completed a master’s degree in Orthodontics in 2006.
Upon completion of my Orthodontic degree, Signature Orthodontics was established and I am pleased to have made Signature my home for my entire orthodontic career. I am pleased to have made Signature my home and feel fortunate that I have worked here my entire orthodontic career. By more good luck and fortune, the very lovely Dr. Dolly joined our team in 2017. Dr. Dolly is no stranger as I have known her for well over 20 years, all the way back to dental school days! I could not have asked for a better partner match, not to mention the flare and style she has added!

On a more personal note, many of you already know that my wife, Lori, is also a dentist. What you probably do not know is that we got married well before either of us started dental school. I hope you’re not doing the math but that is more than a few years ago. No, I am not going to tell how long ago that was, but I will say that I still see her as my bride! We have two awesome and energetic sons, Oliver and Marshal. The boys are always up for new challenges and routinely keep us busy with skiing, lacrosse, soccer, and various other sports. Sometimes all on the same day! Over the years, I have coached both boys’ soccer teams and it is safe to say that our entire family are avid sports fans! When we are not on the soccer field or in the office, we spend much of our recreational time exploring the river valley on our mountain bikes or at the ski hills in the winter. Whether it be in the office, on the water, at the soccer field, on the slopes, or cruising along on a two-wheeled adventure, you will be sure to find my entire family involved!

Hike or bike? No question! Bike for sure…. why would you walk when you can get there fast!
Enjoy a houseboat or a speed boat? I would say houseboat. It seems like it would be a nice time to slow things down and visit with family and friends. You can always tow the speed boat behind, right?
Watch TV or read a book? Read a book. We all love to read! Okay, maybe the boys like video games a little too!
What is your favorite book? My favorite book is the biography of Steven Jobs, That’s one strange dude! Brilliant but strange! I enjoy reading about strange things.
Travel by plane, train, or automobile? Can I say bike???
Go canoeing or waterskiing? How about waterskiing behind a canoe! I might just try that this summer!

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